Looking for cocktail recipes? You’ll find plenty here, using delicious Slamseys Fruit Gin.

Follow the links below for recipes for cordials, liqueurs and thirst quenchers.


elderflower syrup

A fragrant syrup to drizzle over strawberries or raspberries instead of cream or dilute to make a refreshing long drink.


Lemon Cordial

Lemon Squash, Lemon Cordial … call it what you will. A refreshing drink – to drink it, dilute with water or sparkling water.  

green walnuts

Green Walnut Liqueur

A wonderful use for green walnuts. Pick the walnuts in the second week of Wimbledon, when the nut is immature and soft. This tastes even better after a few years!

violet petals

Violet Liqueur

  A drink for the spring. Gather the violet petals early in the morning, but make sure they’re dry.