In My Kitchen – June 2015

Yesterday, after a gloriously hot sunny day for Open Farm Sunday, I decided that Summer Had Arrived and it was time for the Seasonal Wardrobe Changeover. Winter jumpers and thick socks were put away and summer clothes brought out, although some of the summer clothes were immediately consigned to the recycling bag as for some reason the unsightly stains hadn’t miraculously disappeared over winter.

This morning I retrieved a winter jumper and put my socks back on as summer appears to have deserted us already. I checked the weather forecast to see if it would be back tomorrow, but was rather disheartened to read that tonight “temperatures could still dip low enough to give a patchy rural grass frost”.

elderflower and rose for cordial

Therefore, it’s more in hope than expectation, that in my kitchen this month I’m making Elderflower and Rose Cordial. With luck, we’ll be able to drink it in the sunshine.

broad beans fresh from the garden

Also in my kitchen, the first tiny broad beans from the garden that were cooked with a couple of mint leaves and then roughly mashed with butter and seasoning to spread on a slice of sourdough toast.

rhubarb cake

The rhubarb is still going strong so this week it’s been used in cake. I have a limited cake repertoire. I use just a few recipes and adapt them, which seems a good deal easier than endlessly trying something new. This week the raspberries in the Raspberry Loaf Cake were replaced with rhubarb. A successful adaptation. In fact, so successful that there is no cooked photograph because it was sliced and eaten when it had barely cooled.

the view from the kitchen window in June

Through the kitchen window, the vegetable garden is slowly coming to life. There is even more anti-guinea fowl netting, which has now been supplemented by anti-all bird netting on the cherry tree.

What’s happening in your kitchen? Is it full of summer sun?

Once again, I’m joining in with Celia’s In My Kitchen series at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial as we tour the world to see what everyone has in their kitchen this month. If you have the time, check out some of the different blogs that are listed on Celia’s page