one man and his dog

We went to check some of the fields yesterday. A small river runs through Frenches Farm; it’s not usually very full and if we’re too lazy to walk down to the bridge and brave enough to jump, there are places where we can get over it in one leap. Well, actually I always manage to get my foot wet but people with longer legs and/or better jumping ability can do it.

But yesterday it was full. In fact it was overflowing. There was water running down the tramlines in the wheat and one small seven acre field was completely submerged. Apparently at this time of year wheat starts to suffer after two days under water so we’re hoping that the water disappears quickly.

This is Morris the fox terrier walking up the tramline in the wheat.The tramlines are normally the bare areas of earth you see up and down fields where the machinery travels. Morris isn’t keen to go forwards because he really wants to get back to the river where he saw something moving the other side.

I know it’s not impressive in a big river way but it’s not what the field usually looks like and we aren’t used to this in Essex.